An Overview Of Copywriting

An Overview Of Copywriting

Copywriting is the beating heart and soul of any business and is one of the principal factors that come to define how potential clients and customers perceive your brand.

Brand perception plays a critical role in a consumer’s decision to buy into a business. For example, think of your favourite brands and businesses for a second. The chances are that you have a certain language use and tone associated with them – has their tone, copy and general portrayal helped create this fond attachment?

Successful written copy – whether that be for an article, advert or even a social media post – requires that your text not only be engaging, informative and upholding of your current tone, but that, in many cases, is also optimised for SEO.

Regardless of if your business is a B2B or B2C model, copywriting is a specialist skill that demands experience, creativity and a handful of flair.

But, if good copy is a skill for adept writers, is it really worth investing in? Can you get by without copywriting experience?

While – as many businesses choose to do – you can navigate through the digital sphere without having copywriting experience, doing so would be neglecting one of the most powerful assets any company has.

So let’s run through a few detailed reasons why you should be paying more attention to your copy, and potentially investing more in it.

It encourages organic engagement and visibility

Copywriting is very frequently associated with search engine optimisation (or SEO), and this is because it plays a critical role in areas such as Google search rankings.

Conquering SEO is pivotal in organic digital growth, by successfully utilising tools that improve your SEO you can essentially push yourself up search engines such as Google so that when people search for specific key terms, they are more likely to visit your website – that being said, copywriting is one of the biggest instruments you have when it comes to search engine optimisation.

A specialist copywriter enables you to both improve, create and target key pages of your website that you want to drive up the rankings – they do this by producing written work (whether that be articles or page information) that is tailored to the Google search algorithm.

In turn, this allows you to be seen by far more potential consumers and clients.

It improves business approachability

Countless businesses disregard creating and maintaining a proper tone – these companies unknowingly isolate countless different segments of their audience.

But why is that?

Without a consistent, bespoke tone, businesses run the risk of sounding robotic, crass and monotone. Without that powerful, humanistic voice, consumers are left feeling disconnected from a brand and are far less likely to buy into its ethos.

It helps to target the right audience

Think about your audience for a second – are they old, young, knowledgeable, alternative or even political?

Whatever your audience is, copywriting and a developed tone of voice ensure that you are properly communicating with your target consumer base.

By neglecting their generalised characteristics and expectations of a brand, you are less likely to make any kind of lasting impression.

For example, a luxury brand may have a more formal, informative tone while a smaller, quirkier brand may maintain one that is more casual and happy-go-lucky – ensuring it relates to your audience is vital.

Improves the clarity of your messages

Sometimes it can be difficult to express things in a way that properly communicates the message of your business, this can be especially true in the digital space.

It may be as simple as restructuring a sentence, but copywriters can make sure your message is easily readable and conveys the necessary tone.

This is a great tool to have in your arsenal, especially when running things such as digital advert campaigns, where a copywriter can help you deliver short, sweet and powerful statements.

Saves you time

This one is pretty obvious, but that does not deviate from the fact that it is also a huge benefit of having specialists to aid you with the copy of your business.

Written copy is prevalent in almost all walks of a business – from pitches to websites – and business owners know just how time-consuming creating copy, let alone developing anything that is engaging, for all of these different areas can be.

With a copywriter at the helm of your words, you can spend less time attempting to assemble engaging copy consistently and focus on areas that are more important to your business.

Final Thoughts

Copywriting is often an undervalued asset in the business world, but, with the increasing importance of digital identities, it has never been a more important skill to have in your arsenal.

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