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Automotive Digital Marketing Specialists.

Meet your new automotive digital marketing team.

Working with companies within the automotive industrial sphere is what we do. We deliver consistent and transparent results in the form of content creation and individually tailored digital marketing strategies, the success of which is spoken to by our wealth of experience.

Driving your presence forward with responsive content.

The automotive industry is constantly evolving and changing; we use adaptive and consistently successful marketing channels to match the trends.

Automotive Digital Marketing

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Automotive Digital Marketing
Automotive Digital Marketing
Automotive Digital Marketing
Automotive Digital Marketing
Automotive Digital Marketing
Automotive Digital Marketing
Automotive Digital Marketing

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Automotive Digital Marketing

By capitalising on your current platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, your business can engage with the existing customer base while also driving awareness to a new branch of “convertibles” – this is one of the simplest and most effective methods of building brand awareness & subsequently, sales.

Automotive Digital Marketing

Creating attractive content is an art, one that we’ve mastered over the years while working with big-name brands; by employing our expert videographers, professional equipment and editing software, creating an aura of consistency on platforms will never be a problem again.

Automotive Digital Marketing

Words are power, this rings especially true in the World of business marketing; whether it’s an article for a magazine, ad copy, blog content, or captions for social media, our in-house copyrighters research relevant topics, deliver tantalisingly readable content and utilise keywords to create successful search engine rankings.

Automotive Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is a mainstream marketing method for a reason, it is the most complete way of creating a community-driven customer base, however, strategies are pivotal in the creation of an organic yet engaging account. We utilise tailored graphic assets alongside engaging copy, videography-based content and community management.

Automotive Digital Marketing

Google PPC is a way of producing immediate and fully convertible traffic, generating leads and creating sales. Working through various channels, such as search & display ads, our erudite grasp of campaign management will grant you visibility in the ever-turbulent World of ads.

Automotive Digital Marketing

Automotive SEO (Automotive search engine optimisation) is a Digital Marketing strategy tailored uniquely to brands in the automotive industry to get them more visibility in search engines. Whilst many techniques will remain the same as a regular SEO strategy, there are a unique set of optimisations that are specific to automotive websites.

Automotive content

Delivering consistent results to the automotive field.

Having worked intensively with businesses in the automotive industry and have adapted and tailored our strategies to ensure we produce visible results and responsive community interaction.

We produce individual business blueprints to devise specific and effective ways of creating success through tried and tested channels such as Social Media Marketing, Google PPC Campaigns and Content Creation.

Bear Creative have helped transform our social media and general online presence. They have been running our digital campaigns for over 3 years now and generated consistent revenue for our business. We are thankful for all their hard work!
Automotive Digital Marketing
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Monthly Reporting

Key Metrics

Offering clear reports to look at the key statistics for your page. Whichever metrics matter the most to you, we offer extensive reports. This could include audience growth, engagement, web clicks, or anything else.

Performance Analysis

Looking at which posts have performed the best for the month, this means looking at the impression to like ratio and engagement.

Demographic Breakdown

Interested in knowing who is engaging with your page? We can provide you with demographic reports for your profile.

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