Chrono Hunter

The Luxury Watch Market, Simplified.

Chrono Hunter offers a solution to the complicated luxury watch market by utilising a functional buying and selling system whereby reputable retailers compete to give the user the best available offer.

What did we do?


Email Marketing

We provided Chrono Hunter with a tailored email design and strategy that enhanced the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The email design had to be easily absorbed, remain in-line with the current TOV while also being engaging enough to encourage clicks.

the brief

Clean & Concise

Sam, the Managing Director of Chrono Hunter, wanted a total revamp of their previous email style and content. In short, this came in the form of an overhauled look and tweaked tone that incorporated effective call-to-actions and inviting copy without sacrificing the aesthetic or manner that was expected of their brand.

what we did

Same audience, New style

Our fresh design layout and email strategy consisted of not only a more legible message for every campaign but also a far more effective call to action which led to a consistent 2% increase in the click-through rates of every campaign - on top of this we also minimised the amount of unsubscribers week on week.

This improved email design & strategy provides far more success than our previous campaign style while also being far more in-line with our current branding.

- Sam Rayner | Managing Director


What did we do?


Email Marketing

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