The shaven crown

One of the Oldest Inns in the Country

This medieval hostelry is set opposite the church and village green in the heart of the picturesque Cotswold village of Shipton under Wychwood.

What did we do?


Social Media Management

Content Creation

Despite being a historic inn, The Shaven Crown knew it was time to modernise their digital presence - this came in the form of a website revamp.

With internet searches worldwide beginning to turn mobile, it was pivotal that the Shaven Crown website was consistent on every device.

the brief

Feels Like Home.

The Shaven Crown wanted to build a contemporary site that benefitted from ease of use and a modern design while retaining all the charisma of their historic roots - this required a sleek design, seamlessly integrating features such as menu previews and keeping in-line with their home-ly tone and style.

The Shaven Crown Web Design
the results

The Inns & Outs.

We constructed a modernised Shaven Crown website, implementing things such as smarter page features and integrations, with a home, about, room, gallery, menu and contact page - we did this all while staying in alignment with the friendly and hospitable feeling that is so paramount to the success of their business.

Bear Creative are a vibrant and enthusiastic team that matched our every need to a T. What they ended up delivering far exceeded our initial expectations for the site.

- Abilio Oliveira | Owner


What did we do?

Branding & Design

Social Media Management

Web Design & Development

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