Conquering The Aesthetics Industry With A Tailored Digital Strategy.

Vie came to us looking to increase their online bookings and to raise brand awareness for new potential clients across the globe. They already had a solid client base so we knew we had the foundations to build on this in the digital sphere.

What did we do?


Social Media Marketing

Google PPC

Content Creation

The Challenge

Design 911 is a global Porsche parts supplier that is vital to the Porsche community. Offering the widest range or Porsche parts shipping the next day all across the globe. Design 911 approached us to help push their new European warehouse which lacked awareness and an online presence. We also delivered a new digital strategy utilising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads to find and retain new customers.

The initial challenges we identified were;


Increase in Facebook Impressions


Leads Generated


Increase In Conversion Rate

We utilised an ROI heavy approach for digital & media based advertising alongside other tailored digital marketing strategies to create dependable conversions month-to-month through a wide variety of digital mediums.

Via a combination of our Marketing strategies we've consistently produced over £400,000 a month for Design 911 through various digital platforms.

the soltion

A Whole New World

Having conquered the analogue business sphere, Design 911 needed to transition into the digital consumer space quickly and effectively - this required successful rebranding, producing engaging copywriting, growing social media platforms, creating professional content, directing paid advertising campaigns and assembling an efficient email marketing strategy.

the solution

Digitally Dominant

By acting as an in-house marketing team and providing individual strategies for every area of their digital marketing needs, we produced figures such as a ROAS of 1482.86%, a follower increase of 125% and a 57% Increase in Engagement. All in all, we produce £350,000 consistently for Design 911 every month.

Bear Creative offer the complete package when it comes to digital marketing and their strategies have been overwhelmingly successful for us.

- Karl Chopra | Managing Director


What did we do?


Social Media Marketing

Google PPC

Content Creation

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