Words are power

Your website is the face of your business, it needs to not only reflect your ideals and goals but also help you generate more leads. To do this, we sit down with our clients and evaluate the objectives you want your new site to conquer - from this we then produce drafts that can be revised until we find your perfect match.

Smart ideas. Clever writing.

A Match Made In Heaven.

No one wins with mediocre clickbait. So, we focus on thought-provoking content that’s grounded in well-researched facts.

Stand out.

Tap into smart content that stands out from the crowd. If content is the best reflection of a company’s voice, what does yours say about you? We can help you showcase your brand’s best features.

How We Do It?

B2B Copywriting.

The World of business copy can be hard to navigate; business owners are often privy to the strategies and the standard TOV used to convert consumers and therefore require a different approach to the style of writing you are producing. Regardless of the trade your audience works in, good B2B copywriting has a set foundation for the way it communicates its message to business owners. We blend years of experience generating lead-producing and generally converting copy for B2B clients with rigorous market research; ultimately, this helps us create individualised TOVs and text that successfully conveys your message and helps to achieve your goals.

B2C Copywriting.

In the same way a good book can produce all kinds of emotional reactions, copy you create for your audience helps them to envisage your personality, identity and message. Ultimately, it helps them to decide if they want to buy into your business. Pause for a second and try thinking of a few of your favourite brands. How do they make you feel? Has their tone, copy and general portrayal helped create this fond attachment? Not only is it critical that your copy is representing your business in the way you want it to be seen, but that you make a connection with your consumers on a humanistic level. Our vast experience with all groups of B2C copy means we are able to not only translate your message in a way that resonates with your audience, but that the words have a lasting impact that keeps them coming back for more.

Article Writing.

Article writing is an area of copy that requires some of the most expertise. It demands that your text not only be engaging, informative and upholding of your current tone, but that it also optimised for SEO. We've had years of experience generating blogs and articles alike that not only keep the reader engrossed in the topic at hand but also hugely improve your rankings on Google. By applying our specialist copy ability and mixing it with thorough keyword research and targeting, we are able to create blogs that get your website challenging for the top positions on the search terms relevant to your business. In the long term, this means you will not only have an arsenal of informative content at your disposal but that you are also generating more traffic to your site, and, ultimately, making more sales.


This improved email design & strategy provides far more success than our previous campaign style while also being far more in-line with our current branding.

Sam Rayner Chrono Hunter, Managing Director.

Bear Creative offer the complete package when it comes to digital marketing and their strategies have been overwhelmingly successful for us.

Karl Chopra Design 911, Owner.

The site encapsulates everything our work stands for, it's functional, clean and is far more consistent with our products.

Stuart Sharpless Decorus, Owner.

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