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Google Pay Per Click Agency (PPC)

We are an established Google Ads PPC agency and drive meaningful clicks to your website through Google Shopping, Search & Display campaigns.

Pay Per Click Agency

PPC is an extremely cost-effective method that enables you to advertise on search engines and other websites.

We are a specialist Google Ads PPC agency. We all know that trying to reach audiences through SEO and organic searches is very time consuming and competitive. PPC enables businesses to show their adverts to their target audience immediately. This is done through keyword targeting for paid search ads, where you can select relevant keywords that potential customers will be searching for.

Other platforms are available, but the most popular is Google Ads. It is segmented into paid search, shopping, display, remarketing and YouTube.

Paid Search

This enables your website to appear first on Google searches when users search for certain keywords.

Google Shopping

Shopping campaigns appear in the sponsored search results. The advert will show an image and price of the product you are selling. 


This is where you can place adverts (either posters or just text) on other websites for users to view when browsing the web.


This enables you to retarget people who have been on your website and are already aware of your brand. Allowing you to convert window shoppers into customers.


This is where you can showcase adverts before users watch a video on YouTube. These adverts can also appear in YouTube's search results.

Search Campaigns

We drive meaningful clicks to your website. It is not always about just sitting at the top of the results page. We get you the best Cost Per Acquisition possible in your industry. We ensure your Ads and website are reading to turn leads into paying customers. 

Display Campaigns

Google search campaigns are great as they are targeting the user as they are searching for a certain topic. However, sometimes you may want to re-target to existing customers whilst they browse the web or even find new ones through display campaigns. This is a great way to showcase what your company offers and driven more clicks to your website. We design eye catching posters for you with your branding and at the correct sizing for these campaigns.

Google Shopping

This is one of the most effective forms of online marketing for E-commerce businesses. The ads include lots of product information such as product image, price and merchant name. They’re created using product information from your website, which we will set up for you. 

How we will help your business

What Are The Benefits Of Running Google Campaigns?

We believe in transparent, reliable and honest digital marketing – this is something we feel seems to have been lost throughout the years and our mission is to correct that; after all, we love to work with people.

Transparent Pricing

Our PPC pricing is simple, we only charge you for our time, and you have full visibility over your accounts and everything we are doing to improve them.

No long term contracts

As an agency, we don’t believe in tying you into a long term contract. Our rolling plans mean that we are dedicated to delivering impressive results every month.

Google Pay Per Click (PPC)
Google Certified

All of our marketers are fully qualified in all aspects of online marketing, so you can be confident that your PPC accounts are in safe hands.


We are driven by
Sales & Leads.

Does PPC integrate well with other channels?

PPC can fit in with a much wider digital marketing strategy, other platforms can work together to help boost performance and nurture users to convert.

We see the value in integrating PPC into a digital strategy. We also work closely with other agencies or teams to ensure that the whole campaign is working as hard as possible to deliver the best possible results.

What we stand for

Why choose Bear Creative as your PPC management agency?

With the PPC world growing and with vast amounts of data becoming available, it can be very daunting when starting a new campaign and finding the right audience for your brand.

We manage Google PPC campaigns and extrat meaningful data to present back to our clients in way it is easily understood. This removes the stress of attempting to manage and analyse them yourself.

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