Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Business

Digital Marketing; once a topic that was only heard about when around turtleneck wearing, Steve Jobs impersonators at matcha coffee bars is now imperative to any business that wants to thrive in the new age of commercialism. However, nowadays, many small businesses want only to “endure” digital marketing rather than integrate it into their business; they’re content with small engagement statistics that come by and large from appropriately remorseful family members.

Figuratively these businesses are in a rubber dingy on top of the fierce, turbulent tides of online content. It’s not adequate these days to solely post the odd awkwardly forced picture of a staff member shaking hands with a semi-satisfied customer, rather you need a plan and a strategy if you want to conquer digital marketing.


First and foremost, ever since the emergence of COVID-19 more consumers than ever are turning to digital commercialism as their go-to shopping medium. In this new age, in-person stores are a novelty – a place you to go to out of desire rather than need; this is because online shops are now more convenient than ever before, hosting more products than are available in person while also boasting rapid delivery options that almost entirely wash out the need to physically visit anywhere. An example of this is Amazon, a business that never had anything but a digital presence but has been by far the most successful ecommerce site, if not the most successful site in general, over the past year, as you almost definitely already know.

So what are we advocating? Ditching your store?

Not at all, physical stores will never be irrelevant – many people rightly prefer shopping in person, and this is especially true with smaller businesses – rather, what we’re saying is, that a digital presence is a necessity if you want to succeed in the modern era, as otherwise you’re alienating a multitude of potential clients who are taking advantage of the shift of businesses going online.

This gives us a nice segway into the next point, which is that your competitors are going, or have already gone, online. If your commercial adversaries are not only easier to find, but also more convenient to shop at, it doesn’t matter how much better your product is, 90% of consumers will not even give your business a second glance.

See it this way, there are two businesses, both an hour away from you stocking a very similar product. One has an online store with a next-day delivery option and the other you would have to visit in person – which are you realisitcally picking? The one with a digital presence.

It all comes back round to the fact that consumers are looking for convience – customers will expect to be able to find you easily online as we have been forced to adjust to a new online world, so ultimately you need to meet this expectation, or another business undoubtedly will.

We’re not saying that deciding you want to implement Digital Marketing more into your business is going to have a profound effect overnight, but it will indisputably better equip you to make more sales and not only survive, but conquer the new digital sales age.

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