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Your font shouldn’t be the front. The robots are invading, just not as we imagined…

In the 50s we were treated to a comprehensive collection of terrifyingly inaccurate depictions of the 2000s, where robots roamed free of human law and often categorised humans into heaps of zombie-minded slaves who lived to serve their aluminium shelled overseers. Although it is often argued by parents that social media has essentially already fulfilled this prophecy of an empty-headed pre-teen race, the fact of the matter is we are pretty far from being enslaved by a semi-sentient coca-cola can. 


However, don’t rejoice just yet. Artificial Intelligence is here, but you might not even know it. 

From blogs written by bots with no fingers to digital assistants who are eerily reminiscent of monotone retail workers, it’s clear to see that AI is becoming ever more prevalent in today’s society, especially in terms of marketing.

Your font shouldn’t be the front. The robots are invading, just not as we imagined…

You might be asking yourself at this point, is all this really a bad thing? My Alexa wakes me up, my Alexa gives me my daily briefings and my Alexa will probably be dressing me and brushing my teeth in the morning come Christmas; it’s convenient and if that can also be applied to my business then what’s not to like.

While the theoretical practicality of AI in marketing can’t be denied, we can’t overlook the seemingly drowned out (true) cliché that people buy from people. No, I’m not talking about putting on a faux jacket, a fake gold Rolex and strutting your stuff in the markets of South London like Boycey from Only Fools and Horses, rather that people want to see the human side of a company as well.

Pardon the repeated banality, but in this age of furthered social isolation and with a larger emphasis on digital segregation, it’s absolutely imperative, for not just us as people but us as consumers, to experience the personal side of a brand – after all, for all our faults, there’s a certain commercial romance to being marketed to by an actual person. Or maybe we’re just old-fashioned.

What do we mean by this? Appeal to your target market by establishing personality within your approach – whether that be a touch of witty, thought-out sentient magic in the caption of an Instagram post or having a touching interaction with a customer — they all count to building a consistent tone, planting connections with your customer base and, in the long-term, gaining more customers.

While this is a figurative call to arms, we do not condone beating your little speaking boxes to a pulp with a metal pipe.

(For legal reasons we have to state that this blog was written by an A.I.).

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